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SCB Legal services your legal needs in Penrith and Sydney-wide. Our Penrith law firm was founded on the principles of trust, reliability, professionalism, integrity, equality and best legal practices. Our wholly-owned Aboriginal legal firm is committed to fighting for the rights of Aboriginal Australians.

We are dedicated to inspiring young minds and empowering them, leading by example. We encourage and champion new businesses for our clients, allowing them to realize their dreams.

It is our mission to demystify the law for the average person, ensuring that complex legal jargon is replaced with approachable language that is it easy to understand. This is why we created a unique legal glossary highlighting many common legal words in plain English, thereby removing the legalese.

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Penrith Local Business Awards Finalist 2018

SCB Legal is honoured to have been voted as a finalist in the Local Business Awards. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and supporters who voted for us. We are very grateful to have great community’s encouragement and validation. The SCB Legal team is committed to providing you with the best legal services.

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