Sydney Law Firm Built On Trust, Equality and Professionalism

SCB Legal is a Sydney Law firm founded on the principles of trust, reliability, professionalism, integrity, equality and best legal practices. Our caring and boutique law firm ensures the highest level of attention to our clients’ needs, while large enough to offer a wide variety of practice areas.

SCB Legal Your Trusted, Boutique Sydney Law Firm

Our Sydney law firm is wholly Aboriginal owned and committed to fighting for the rights of Aboriginal Australians.

We are dedicated to inspiring young minds and empowering them, leading by example.

We encourage and champion new businesses for our clients, allowing them to realise their dreams. Our commitment to our clients greatly distinguishes us from many other Sydney based law firms. It is our superior level of customer satisfaction and professionalism on which we pride ourselves.

Law practice locations and visiting clients Sydney wide

While our offices are currently located in Penrith, we offer clients the opportunity to:


  • Schedule appointments at Sydney Law Courts
  • Meet you at your place of business or where you reside
  • Arrange consultation times via phone

We have clients throughout Sydney CBD, in the greater Sydney area, as well as in Canberra, Wollongong and Newcastle.


Legal Fees

SCB Legal offers fixed, hourly and daily fees, as well as No win no Fee, reduced rates and payment plans.

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Our Boutique Law Firm’s Mission and Value Statements

Best Legal Advice and Representation

We maintain that each person deserves the best legal representation, irrespective of their financial standing. It is for this reason that we assist all clients, including those who cannot afford traditional legal fees. We never turn away clients who would otherwise be denied expert legal advice and counsel.

Advocating for All People

We care and sympathise with your legal matters and concerns. We advocate for and uphold the rights of all people, regardless of their sexual preference, religion, gender, age and socio-economic background. Each person deserves the right to a fair and quality defence.

Demystifying and Simplifying the Law

It is our mission to demystify the law so that complex legal jargon is replaced with an approachable, easy to understand solution. This is why we created a unique legal glossary and dictionary to remove the confusing legalese. Our legal glossary simplifies the law for you by providing legal terms in plain English. Our resources’ page contains many useful legal links, so that you can research your legal matter and be better informed.

Happy Clients

Client satisfaction is the true measure of success. It’s very important to us that our clients are content.

Happy clients equal a successful outcome! Our success is measured by the contentment of our clients.

The 3 P’s – Professionalism Patience and Passion


We maintain a certain standard of practice that adheres to our high level of professionalism in everything that we do.


We understand that the law is complex. It often seems like a lawyer is speaking a different language, which is why we patiently attend to all your legal concerns.


We are extremely passionate about the law and defending people’s rights.

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Our Legal Team


Sue began working at SCB Legal in July 2017. Having worked in the health industry for 17 years, she describes her transition to the law as being “given the chance of a lifetime to work at a fantastic law firm”. Currently, she is furthering her studies and focusing on the law. She describes SCB Legal as a place where “staff builds a rapport with clients, so they’re relaxed and comfortable due to the atmosphere created”. She is thrilled to be guided by Ms Breust’s expert legal knowledge and says,

it’s the empathy she shows clients that is so remarkable. She’s really the heart and soul of the law firm.


Joining SCB Legal from its inception in October 2016, this 31 year old Aboriginal mother of 3 is a vital member of the team. Having worked in a variety of industries, her passion for the law was instantly apparent. SCB Legal noticed this legal aptitude and facilitated Alicia’s legal studies. Alicia commented that she’s so grateful for Ms Breust providing her with the opportunity to learn and grow. She is now studying to be a lawyer and said

SCB Legal gave me the opportunity to start a new career and the resources to learn.


Chloe joined the SCB Legal family, at the beginning of January 2020. Being the youngest member of the team leaves her at no disadvantage, as she is extremely passionate in all that she does.

She brings a wealth of talent and experience, having joined SCB Legal after spending 5 years in customer service. Her remarkable communication skills enable her to communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Her passion for equality before the Courts is what prompted her to want to make a change. Chloe comments that she was eager to be given the opportunity by Ms Breust to gain exposure in the many areas of law SCB Legal covers. Of particular importance was being able to see how SCB Legal aims to help every individual, regardless of their background. 

 Chloe is currently studying a double degree in Business and Law and said:

“I was thrilled to work amongst the SCB Legal team that genuinely cares for all their clients. They work extremely hard to ensure clients receive the outcome they deserve.”

Chloe SCB Legal Staff Member
Sionea Breust SCB Legal Founder


After becoming the dux of Cambridge Park High school, Ms Breust completed 2 Bachelor degrees at the University of Western Sydney, Bachelor of laws and Social science, majoring in criminology. Reflective of her immense passion for the law, Ms Breust returned to University to complete her masters degree. In 2018, she received a Master of Laws in Criminal Prosecutions.

While at University, she began giving back to the Aboriginal community, completing 2 internships. Urbis, focusing on people who were economically disadvantaged and Aboriginal legal service, care and protection, drafting a solicitor’s manual about care and protection matters.

Ms Breust completed a Graduate diploma in legal practice at the college of law and did her practical legal training solely in care and protection. Most clients were on legal aid, in keeping with her dedication and commitment to helping those less fortunate. After being admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW and high court she worked at legal aid as an Aboriginal law graduate. While being involved in all areas of the law, her primary areas of focus were family law and care and protection, civil law and criminal law. She entered private practice and worked in a general law firm doing all matters from criminal, family, commercial, conveyancing, personal injury, civil law and appeared in the Supreme Court, district court, local court, children’s court and tribunals.

In 2016, she began SCB Legal as a sole practitioner but support of the law firm was overwhelming and within 12 months, the staff grew to its current team of 5. It’s Ms Breust’s passion and single-minded determination that is the driving force behind the successful boutique law firm. Ms Breust remarked that her goal:

is to help those in need regardless of their financial position. It’s imperative to obtain the best possible outcome without the client incurring unnecessary legal fees.

The future looks bright for SCB Legal with the firm’s continued expansion and plans for its Sydney CBD location.

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