12 October 2016

Successfully obtained interim financial orders in our family law matter. The client was ecstatic! We went from the husband completely refusing to pay any mortgage repayments to paying ALL (2) accounts plus arrears, rates, insurances and any other incidental...

16 October 2016

Weekend bail court for a client with an arrest warrant for numerous offences against the Taxation Laws. Bail granted with only a residence condition. Winning!!!!

16 October 2016

2 hearings, Thursday and Friday, 2 different clients, both DV related matters, both lots of matters dismissed ???? 2 very happy clients!

23 October 2016

Social worker applied for a financial management order against the client who is in custody. It was opposed for insufficient evidence. Application dismissed!!

25 October 2016

2nd hearing today for the same client but for separate charges against the same complainant (victim). First lot (Mt Druitt Court) of assault occasioning actual bodily harm charges involved allegations of choking which we ran to hearing and following extensive cross...

1 November 2016

Father took 3 children (all under 10 years) from the mother and said he would not be returning for 1 week. The father is very unstable due to his mental health. Father has a history of violence and aggression towards the mother. Children were at serious risk of harm....