Recent Court Cases

Recent Court Cases

Recent Court Cases

SCB Legal’s Recent Court Cases


We share real cases with you, so that you can see the evolution of a case and the passionate way we defend and represent our clients. The following are some of our recent court cases. Names have been omitted for confidentiality reasons.


12 October 2016

Successfully obtained interim financial orders in our family law matter. The client was ecstatic! We went from the husband completely refusing to pay any mortgage repayments to paying ALL (2) accounts plus arrears, rates, insurances and any other incidental costs.

16 October 2016

Weekend bail court for a client with an arrest warrant for numerous offences against the Taxation Laws. Bail granted with only a residence condition. Winning!!!!

16 October 2016

2 hearings, Thursday and Friday, 2 different clients, both DV related matters, both lots of matters dismissed ???? 2 very happy clients!

23 October 2016

Social worker applied for a financial management order against the client who is in custody. It was opposed for insufficient evidence. Application dismissed!!

25 October 2016

2nd hearing today for the same client but for separate charges against the same complainant (victim). First lot (Mt Druitt Court) of assault occasioning actual bodily harm charges involved allegations of choking which we ran to hearing and following extensive cross...

1 November 2016

Father took 3 children (all under 10 years) from the mother and said he would not be returning for 1 week. The father is very unstable due to his mental health. Father has a history of violence and aggression towards the mother. Children were at serious risk of harm....

11 November 2016

3 co accused – take/drive conveyance. Client charged with being carried in the conveyance. Co accused got 7 months imprisonment. Client got a 12 month section 9 good behaviour bond without supervision.

21 November 2016

Application made by case manager for client to be subject of a guardianship order and a financial management order. Both were dismissed ????

5 December 2016

3 legged appeal in the District Court today. Only has to run the first leg – client found not guilty and his conviction from the local court was set aside and he was released from custody. Now to commence action for malicious prosecution and unlawful imprisonment.

14 December 2016

Client had previously applied for bail on two occasions and was bail refused. Client came to me last week and asked me to represent him and we got bail in the ACT Magistrates Court ?

24 December 2016

Great outcome this week – client is on a district court section 12 suspended sentence. He breaches it by being in possession of drugs. We were able to persuade the court to give him a section 10 (no conviction recorded) so that ultimately we would have no action taken...

21 January 2017

Yesterday we were at Mt Druitt Local Court for a hearing involving an alleged assault. The client has been bail refused since November 2016. We were given this matter by Legal Aid at the end of 2016. There was 1 victim and 1 witness that corroborated the evidence of...

30 January 2017

We had an amazing win today in the Federal Circuit Court. The applicant father applied for orders restraining the child from commencing kindergarten in 2017. He went so far as to obtain a psychological report. We prepared a very lengthy Affidavit on behalf of our...

9 February 2017

We had a great win today at Windsor Local Court. We prepared the client for a sentence of imprisonment however following our submissions we obtained a community service order of just 100 hours!

15 February 2017

Domestic Violence matter listed for a Disputed facts hearing today at Blacktown Local Court following a plea of guilty. Reps were sent to amend the facts. The reps were successful, we proceeded to sentence and the client received a rewarding section 10(1)(b) with no...

2 March 2017

Great result for our client today. We were told that the prior reports were not of assistance to the court (ones not arranged by us) and that if it wasn’t for our submissions and updating reports (obtained from our recommendations to our client) that we had, our...

3 March 2017

Today we got an AMAZING result for our client. Our client was charged for breaching bail and AVO. The Magistrate refused bail originally but we relisted the matter immediately for an AVO Variation Application and for a further bail application. We called evidence and...

7 March 2017

Another fantastic result today. Our client was on a good behaviour licence and was caught speeding just under 30km over the speed limit. He received a fine from the local court when he self represented. We appealed to the district court and received a section 10. The...

20 March 2017

Search warrant at house executed at clients house in relation to other matters. Client charged with Drug possession. Representations made to amend facts were accepted. Pleaded guilty and got a section 10 with a 6 month good behaviour bond and no conviction recorded on...

23 March 2017

We attended the Mental Health Review Tribunal yesterday and represented our clients. The treating tram was seeking an Order that our client remain as an Involuntary Patient for a further period of up to 6 weeks. We disagreed with this both with our clients...

27 March 2017

Client was charged with High range PCA (drink driving) and driving with an expired licence, fourth drink driving charge. Client was already on a good behaviour bond and breaching the bond at the time of the offence. We gave our client strong advice which he followed...

27 March 2017

This morning we had a family law matter where the other party brought an application for a breach of the court orders and seeking a cost order against our client. We were able to successfully negotiate so the application did not proceed, the current Court Orders were...

1 May 2017

Today we got our client another section 10 (2 in a row now) for possession of drugs. He was on a suspended sentence at the time of both new drugs charges but we were able to persuade the court to give our client a section 10 and we were successful! Client couldn’t...

4 May 2017

Another section 10! Client was prosecuted by the Board of Surveyors and if received a conviction he would not be able to be admitted and registered as a surveyor. We were able to persuade the court not to record a conviction and are client was given a section 10....

11 May 2017

Great outcome today – we have been attempting to negotiate consent orders for some 5 months and at our first day in Court we were able to reach final orders. No more uncertainty or ambiguity for our wonderful client!!!!

16 May 2017

Client charged with possession of numerous firearms, drugs and weapons. Client was originally bail refused prior to being represented by SCB Legal. We appeared today and ran another bail application. Our client was granted bail!

18 May 2017

Great outcome today at the Fair Work Commission for our unfair dismissal claim. We did not settle at the Conciliation as we were only offered 3 weeks pay so we took the matter to arbitration. We settled for 3 months pay plus statement of regret, statement of...

18 May 2017

Another success today! Client breached his suspended sentence imposed by the district court. We represented him on those breach proceedings and for him 2x section 10 bonds. Today we represented him at the district court and got the court to take no action on the call...

1 June 2017

We had a good outcome on Thursday. The matter was listed for a Review Application in the Family Court and we had the Childrens Lawyer and the Mothers Lawyer against our application to have the matter relisted earlier. The Judge was initially against our application...

7 June 2017

Fantastic result at Court today. A colleague gave us their matter 2 days ago which was already a part heard hearing (already had one full day of hearing before) and they needed us to run the second day of hearing which would take all day. We didn’t have all of the...